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ViscoPlus® Gel 2,5%, 3 ml

best viscoelasticity is the way
to rejuvenate the synovial fluid

New formula to treat osteoarthritis in a safe way
in a recommended single injection therapy.

  • long-lasting efficacy due to protracted resorption
  • much higher shock absorbing and lubricating effect

ViscoPlus® Gel is a highly purified sodium hyaluronate with extremely low level of endotoxines, thus reduced degradation of hyaluronan by free radicals and enzymes!

Thanks to high viscosity of ~ 3 million Dalton, much higher concentration, larger volume and new technology ViscoPlus® Gel shall extremely improve the quality of autogenous synovial fluid

Recommended therapy: 1 single injection every 4 – 6 months

overwhelming viscoelasticity of Viscoplus Gel