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ViscoPlus® Matrix 2,5%, 3 ml

best viscoelasticity is the way
to rejuvenate the synovial fluid

ViscoPlus Matrix is a bio-engineered high molecular matrix of fermentative hyaluronic acid for long time solution in just single infiltration.

  • Iong term single infiltration therapy in 6 -12 monthly intervals 
  • optimally stabilised synthetic substitute of synovial fluid of extremely high viscoelasticity.
  • high viscoelasticity of ViscoPlus® matrix is adopted to endogenous synovial fluid quality (!)

ViscoPlus® matrix matches the viscous character of autogenous synovial fluid and resumes its original lubricative and shock absorbing functions that rehabilitate at maximum the rejuvenation process in a articular cavity 

The net result is a decrease in joint pain and an improvement in joint function which shall last on average six months up to one year (!)

overwhelming viscoelasticity of Viscoplus Matrix